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Products Offered by Snoep Winkel Farm, LLC

Beef cuts

Porterhouse steak
T-bone steaks
Rib steaks
NY Strip steaks
Delmonico Steaks
Boneless Sirloin steak
Filet Mignon
Flank steak
Skirt steak
"Philly" chip steaks
London Broil
1/4 pound burgers - 4 to a package
Ground beef
Beef cubes for stew/kebobs
Eye round roast
Round roasts
Sirloin Tip roasts
Boneless Chuck roasts
Short Ribs
Beef Liver
Shins/Soup Bones

Pork cuts

Bone - in pork chops
Boneless Pork chops
Sweet Italian Sausage
Breakfast Sausage patties
Ham Steaks
Spare Ribs
Loin Roasts
Pork Tenderloins
Ground pork

Lamb cuts

Loin chops
Rib chops
Leg of lamb roasts
Ground lamb
Stew cubes

Chicken Sausage

These are made from our own pasture-raised chickens. They are fully cooked so you just have to brown & serve. They do not have any preservatives in them. We have 6 varieties for you to enjoy.

* Teriyaki

* Italian with peppers and onions

* Saltimbucca with proscuitto, mushrooms, mozzarella, & spinach
v * Lugenaga with white wine & Reggiano parmesan cheese

* Santa Fe with spinach, tomatoes, honey mustard & Monterey Jack cheese

* Tuscan with fresh basil, tomatoes and mozzarella.

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